PGA Italia is the dealership of Amia Binding trademark, company already active in the second half of last century. In the late ’40s, Amia Binding began to produces machines and articles about bindings and edgings for paper and graphic industries, developing step by step through the years advanced technologies about materials manufacturer and machines.

Those improvements allowed also to Amia Binding to register importants patents in Italy, Europe and United States of America.

Nowadays, PGA Italia is one of the most well-appreciated company in this sector, thanks to over than 4.000 customers in 20 different countries, from United States to far East.

PGA Italia is leader on metal bindings and machines for endgings production, products realized for posters, calendars, maps, billboards; the company directed by Paolo Allievi sells also metal coils for paper industries, elastics, cords and bag handles.